A Dirty Car Is A Dirty Shame!

Choose the individual wash that best fits you and your car’s needs.

  • Basic Wash and Dry
    • Basic Wash & Dry
    • Tire Shine
    • Undercarriage Flush
    • Wheel Cleaner
      • All Firefighter Services
      • Rain-X
      • Rain-X For Wheels
      • Bug Prep
      • Triple Foam Conditioner
        Helping Heroes
        • All Chief Services
        • 911 Hot Wax
        • Waterfall Rinse
        • Light Show
        • Wheel Polish
        • Contribution to our Helping Heroes initiative
          Captain's Ceramic Coating
          • All Helping Heroes Services
          • Ceramic Coating for a longer lasting shine
            • Can be added to any wash
            • Interior vacuum
            • Compressed air
            • Windows cleaned
            • Wipe down all surfaces
            • Tire shine
            • Hand wax
            • *Upcharge for size and extra cleaning (not exceed $30)
            • *At select locations: Oxford & Kennesaw
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